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Volunteer Makes Cherished Gowns UK March 2017

Volunteer Makes Cherished Gowns are made from wedding dresses donated in the UK February 2017

In 2014, 3,564 babies were stillborn or died shortly after birth. This is 10 babies every single day that are born sleeping or sadly pass away shortly after they are born. These figures only take in to account any babies that are born after 24 weeks of pregnancy as there are no recorded figures below this gestation. In reality this figure is much higher. 

Cherished Gowns UK provides the families of these precious babies with items of clothing that they are able to be dressed in for their funeral. We currently provide 237 hospitals around the UK with stock of Cherished Gown packs that include a gown, hat, booties, blanket and a cloth nappy. We have 5 different sizes of gown and these are made in a variety of styles and colours. We also send our gown packs directly to parents who are unable to find anything to fit their precious baby on request. All of the items we provide have been lovingly made by volunteers from all over the country, and all of the gowns we provide are made from generously donated UK wedding dresses. 

Our service is provided completely free of charge to anyone that is in the sad position of needing it.

Cherished Gowns UK was set up in October 2014 and since then we have made over 35,000 gowns from 12,000 wedding dresses. In 2016, we sent out 366 hospital boxes, which contained 9,150 complete Cherished Gown packs, and 7,320 wrap packs. We also sent 273 packs direct to parents. Our incredible volunteers also made 102,046 knitted items and 18,811 gowns!!

Cherished Gowns has always worked in conjunction with SANDS and a variety of Other Support Organisations . We also liaise closely with the NHS and Maternity departments all over the UK to ensure that the Cherished Bereavement Packs properly meet the standards of the Hospitals we donate to.



Donate a wedding Dress in the UK to make Angel Gowns for Angel Babies, Supplied free of charge in Bereavement Packs to Hospitals, Parents and Funeral Directors, Cherished gowns is not associated with Heavenly Gowns

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