Christine Pidcock

Hi, I'm Christine Pidcock and, 'though originally a Northerner, now live in a village between Bath and Bristol.  The picture was taken the day I started my early retirement from payroll with the local council.  My husband and I had expected to retire within months of each other, but the government had other ideas!  Dave, my husband, 'though well now, has had some bad health since he was 60, including a triple bypass, so we decided back in June '15 that we could manage the loss of salary.

I'm loving retirement and keep busy doing what I want to do when I want to do it!  I help with church flowers and am now in charge of the rota, and find it much easier now that I can do it during the day rather than after work. Off the back of that I have joined the village floral club and thoroughly enjoy that.  I volunteer at the Foodbank in Keynsham (spelt K-E-Y-N-S-H-A-M, yes it is a real place for those old enough to remember it!) and Dave and I are members of the village, and our church choirs.

We have two children, aged 32 and 28 and one of the darlings put me on Facebook to stop me using Dave's, despite my protests that everyone would now know how boring I am rather than just suspecting it!  But I spotted a posting on there about a bride who donated her wedding dress to make gowns for still born babies, and I thought, I might be able to do that.  I have always enjoyed dress making, but didn't do much anymore as I nor the family needed much beyond the odd pair of curtains.  So I volunteered......

It's so much more difficult than making clothes for an adult, but really rewarding!  I crochet blankets and knit hats and bootees between dresses too.  Some (Dave) might say obsessive, but it keeps me off the streets, and I hope will make a difficult time easier to bare for those receiving the results.

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