Baby Bereavement packs

Elaine Ward

Hi, I’m Elaine, I have a daughter who’s getting married in May 2017 and a son who made me a Nanny 3 months ago to not so little Oliver! I’m married to Mark who is currently working in Malaysia and I have recently given up work so that I can spend time in both countries. This has also given me more free time to sew gowns for Cherished. I’ve done a lot of voluntary work over the years but having lost my first 3 pregnancies around 15 weeks this one is very close to my heart. I received this lovely feedback from the bride of my most recent dress transformation:

Hi Elaine I'm great thanks, hope you enjoyed your holiday. Wow what can I say........ absolutely beautiful what you have done here, it brings a tear to my eye and makes me so proud to be able to donate to such a worthwhile cause. I totally admire your skills and cannot believe how gorgeous the finished results have turned out. A massive well done to you and a million thanks from me, for not just your talent but for updating me also on the beautiful end results, I am truly grateful.

Kind Regards Karen Smith.

Cherished Gowns Says:

Look through some of Elaine's work below and see why Cherished Gowns packs are used by hospitals all over the UK


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