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Susan Younger

My name is Susan Younger and I am a relative newcomer to the group as I only joined in January. After taking early retirement due to ill health I found I had a void in my life as I felt I still had a lot to give to the community so when I saw an article of facebook about Cherished gowns I knew instantly that that was what I wanted to do. I myself had 3 prem babies in the late 70's all of whom luckily survived. However the weeks I spent on SCBU made me realised just how many babies did not make it. I love sewing and I even helped my mum make my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses. This is a lovely group to be part of and the mentors are always supportive and encouraging. I love creating the gowns knowing that they will help parents at a most difficult time.

Cherished Says:

Cherished says Susan was one of the many volunteers that joined after the Cherished Story went viral in January 2016, across media worldwide including our UK television ITV and Cherished Gowns UK.  See some examples of Susan's gorgeous work here

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