One of our volunteer mentors Glenys Risdale received a heart wrenching letter with a UK wedding dress donation from a bride.

 Dear Glenys

Please find my wedding dress for you to transform.

I must add that this is a double sort of donation because not only did I have a still born baby girl many years ago, but my husband died 2 years ago..

We were only actually married for 2 years too.

I hope this dress causes nothing but peace for all that wear what you make

(thank you)


Here is what Glenys did


Glenys, a former professional Seamstress, was touched to receive this letter from the donating bride after she forwarded the picture above


OMG Glenys!!! I'm speechless! These beautiful tiny precious gowns and the rest too. It made me cry to see such perfect creations. I'm so very very happy. I know if I could have had one for my little angel I would have been a comforted and very grateful at the time.

There are not many things in life that create some joy from deep sadness, but the amazing work you do is just that Glenys. I know I will eternally remember this whole process and it will warm my heart on my darkest days.

I feel humbled and can finally start to close my own chapter of loss too.

Thank you Glenys. I mean that from the bottom of my soul.



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Cherished Gowns UK are very proud that we dress these Angel Babies in Our Angel gowns completely free of charge

Donate a wedding Dress in the UK to make Angel Gowns for Angel Babies, Supplied free of charge in Bereavement Packs to Hospitals, Parents and Funeral Directors, Cherished gowns is not associated with Heavenly Gowns

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