A tragic donation to a Cherished Mentor

Caroline Tracey's story and dress

  1. Elaine Ward recently completed this stunning transformation and received the following from our wonderful donator 

Hi Elaine


I'm great thanks, hope you enjoyed your holiday ��


Wow what can i say........ absolutely beautiful what you have done here, it brings a tear to my eye and makes me so proud to be able to donate to such a worthwhile cause. I totally admire your skills and cannot believe how gorgeous the finished results have turned out. 

A massive well done to you and a million thanks from me, for not just your talent but for updating me also on the beautiful end results, i am truly grateful.


Kind Regards


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Our volunteer Carolyn Harper received this lovely note from her donator

These are absolutely gorgeous!

You're super talented, and I can't thank you enough for keeping me updated.


Had a little lump in my throat because I feel this is the final bit of that chapter closed now as my divorce came through on the 8th September and my name was officially changed by to Cheston on the 29th. 

Thank you for your involvement 

And once again, you have made a stunning job of my dress

Thank you


Another lovely letter to Carolyn Harper

Dear Carolyn


I am absolutely blown away by these. You have done such a beautiful job transforming my old wedding dress into such gorgeous little gowns.  I am thrilled to bits to see the photos. Thank you SO much.

I am so thrilled with them. I've just shown my 91 year old Dad and he can't believe how many gorgeous gowns and nappies you made out of the dress he walked me down the aisle in!       Very best wishes


Volunteer Susie Gardiner received this from her Bride.

Omg!  I'm so happy that it's been used for such a wonderful purpose xx    yes please email photos as I have a lot of friends wishing to see them....... so excited and happy.     Thank you for everything that you do xxxxxx

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