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Our Amazing Volunteers and Supporters Love a Challenge so here is June 2017s


We are getting short of TINY hats and booties, so we would like to challenge you make 1000 sets in the month of June 2017.

Tiny hats should have  a circumference of 4-4.5" and a height of 2.5-3"  Tiny booties have a 1" sole length.  They may be knitted or crocheted

Please keep these hats and booties to white or cream only.

Please post them after being washed in non bio without fabric conditioner to

 ( Please do not use this address for wedding dress donations)

Cherished Gowns UK

5a Castle Hill Road, Dover, Kent, CT161QG


If you would like to make a financial contribution please see the PayPal link on the top left.

For Donations of Wool, Ribbon, Lace, Fabric etc use this link

For other donations Cherished Gowns UK Fundraising & Donations

For information about Wedding dress donations we not expecting to open our dress donation register until September 2017, however if you subscribe to our newsletter (left hand side of the page) you will receive advanced information

We use this size of hat and bootie in our Tiny pack which also includes a blanket (knitted or crocheted), a gown (made from a wedding dress donated in the UK) and nappy.  The gown is just 6" long all made by our volunteers and supplied to every UK hospital with a maternity unit.  We are the only UK group that does this gown, it was developed by us with midwives and bereaved parents.

donate a wedding dress uk, angel gowns for angel babies uk

 Cherished gowns, angel gowns, angel babies ukCherished gowns, angel gowns, angel babies uk




Cherished Gowns UK are a registered UK Charity 1172482 .  To demonstrate what happens here are some before and after pictures that demonstrate our talented seamstresses transforming donated UK wedding dresses into beautiful Angel gowns which are sent free of charge to bereaved parents, hospitals and funeral directors 



Cherished Bereavement Packs

Photo Gallery

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Cherished Gowns UK June 2017 Tiny Challenge

Volunteer Makes Cherished Gowns UK June 2017

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Cherished Gowns UK 



Donate a wedding Dress in the UK to make Angel Gowns for Angel Babies, Supplied free of charge in Bereavement Packs to Hospitals, Parents and Funeral Directors, Cherished gowns is not associated with Heavenly Gowns

Voluptuous Vintage


Our amazing friends at Voluptuous Vintage have given us £1400, 

We can't thank them enough for doing this! This is such a huge amount of money for us! To put it in to perspective how much this will do for us. If it is all used solely for postage it will enable us to send 241 boxes to hospitals that will contain 35 packs in each. There are 237 hospitals in the UK that stock our gown packs, so this means as a result of this donation we can send a box to every UK hospital we supply. That is 8,443 families that will be given the option of dressing their precious baby. Thank you so so much! 

Cherished Gowns fundraiser

The completely fabulous Voluptuous Vintage are holding a fundraiser for Cherished Gowns UK


Voluptuous Vintage Cherished Gowns UK fundraiser 


Cherished Gowns UK will use funds raised to post our baby Bereavement Packs to hospitals and families in the UK, our Packs include angel gowns made from wedding dresses donated in the UK which provide a  fitting outfit for these much loved Angel babies

Cherished Gowns UK fundraiser

Kallosphere creative products  helped  our Cherished Gowns UK fundraising.

CGUK would like to thank Liz from Kallosphere who kindly donated a set of our bespoke acrylic gown patterns.

We did a lucky dip for our generous members and £166 was raised 

Thanks also to all who took part and well done to the lucky winner 

Summer Malpass-Weaver

Cherished Gowns sewing volunteers use these templates to make our beautiful angel gowns which are made from Wedding Dresses donated in the UK.  The gowns are made into Cherished Bereavement Packs. If you can help us raise funds, there is a PayPal donation on the top right of this page.