We have been donated this beautiful crochet african flower blanket to raise funds for our charity.

This blanket measures 150cm x 120cm and would be perfect for a single bed or throw for your sofa.

This would make a wonderful Christmas gift or heirloom to pass down through your family.

To enter this raffle costs £2 a ticket either payable through our donation box on our website, direct to us through paypal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or your can buy tickets direct from our office.

Raffle will be drawn on the 20th December at 10am.



This raffle is not affiliated with facebook, or any other organisation

You can now show your support for Cherished Gowns
 UK when you use Savoo Search, Save and Raise as your online shopping platform. Your efforts cost you nothing because Savoo donates on your behalf. You can support us using this link: http://www.savoo.co.uk/#cherishedgowns
We’re excited to announce Savoo Search, Save and Raise as our new fundraising partner, and we’d like to introduce you to this innovative way of donating. Simply use Savoo Search as your default search engine (the same way as you would your current search engine) and Savoo will donate 1p for every search. If you’re looking to do some online shopping and want to get a great deal, Savoo has thousands of voucher codes and deals that will help you save money & they will donate to Cherished Gowns UK at the same time.

Volunteering for Cherished Gowns UK is a hugely rewarding experience

We stock all 237 hospitals that have a maternity department in the UK. We work on a Rota & Request basis, and this means that supply every hospital with a box of gown packs every 6 months unless they ask for them less or more. We always try to liase with hospitals to ensure they have an adequate amount of stock, so please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your stock levels. 

This month (October 2017) we have sent boxes to the following hospitals:

Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital,
Great North Childrens Hospital,
Sollihull Hospital
Goole & District Hospital
Ayrshire Maternity Unit, University hospital
South Tyneside District Hospital
Harrogate District Hospital
Prince Charles Hospital
The Ulster Hospital,
Rosie Hospital, Cambridge
Peterborough City Hospital
Milton Keynes Hospital
Stoke Mandeville Hospital
Wycombe Hospital
Hinchingbrooke Hospital
Leighton Hospital
Bedford Hospital
The L&D Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Royal Berkshire Hospital
The Countess Of Chester
Macclesfield District General Hospital
Stepping Hill Hospital
Cumberland Infirmary
West Cumberland Hospital
Royal Derby Hospital
Royal Cornwall Hospital
Chesterfield Royal
Warrington Hospital
Dorset County Hospital
Poole Hospital
Royal Bournemouth General
Southmead Hospital
St Richards Hospital
Worthing Hospital
Conquest Hospital
Princess Royal Hospital, Haywards Heath
George Elliot Hopspital
Birmingham Women's Hospital

Cherished Gowns UK was founded in September 2014 when our Founder created a gown for a local bereaved Mother from her Wedding Dress. She shared this gown with her Midwife who was very keen for us to offer our gown packs to their hospital. We worked hard to develop our patterns and established 5 sizes of gowns, 3 sizes of nappies and co-coordinating knitted and crochet items to create a perfect outfit for each size. We made it our mission to make our service not only completely free of charge but available to every Hospital, parent and funeral director in the UK.

By April 2015 we had recruited 400 volunteers around the country and had supplied 75 hospitals with our service. We had a steady supply of Wedding dresses being donated and our volunteer seamstresses worked quickly through them. The media began to take notice of our charity and our mission, and various newspapers ran stories on our project, and in January 2016 we officially went viral. A lady called Yvonne Trimble donated her wedding dress to us and she posted about the Cherished gowns we created from her dress on her Facebook account. This post was shared over 1 million times and every UK newspaper ran a story on our charity. We recieved over 20,000 emails in just 24hrs and 10,000 people joined our waiting list to donate a dress overnight. 

As a result of all of the media attention we had some significant financial donations and this allowed us to rent a small office to store our items and recruit volunteers to build our clothing packs and hospital boxes. This space allowed us to grow our charity and in February 2016 we achieved our mission to supply every UK hospital with our service, as well as sending Cherished gowns packs directly to parents and funeral directors on request. Since then we have continued to grow and moved in to a larger office, secured contracts giving us low cost postage of our hospitals boxes, and we successfully achieved full Charity status with Charity Commission on the 7th April 2017. 

Three years on from when we were founded we have achieved an incredible amount, we were the winners of a Butterfly Award for Most Media Impact, a People of Dover Community Award for Voluntary work, and a Turley Community Award. We have a dedicated group of around 1,000 volunteers that work to create the items that go in to our Cherished Gowns packs, and to date have transformed almost 20,000 wedding dresses and created over a quarter of a million items.