Voluptuous Vintage


Our amazing friends at Voluptuous Vintage https://www.voluptuousvintage.com/ have given us £1400, 

We can't thank them enough for doing this! This is such a huge amount of money for us! To put it in to perspective how much this will do for us. If it is all used solely for postage it will enable us to send 241 boxes to hospitals that will contain 35 packs in each. There are 237 hospitals in the UK that stock our gown packs, so this means as a result of this donation we can send a box to every UK hospital we supply. That is 8,443 families that will be given the option of dressing their precious baby. Thank you so so much! 

Cherished Gowns fundraiser

The completely fabulous Voluptuous Vintage are holding a fundraiser for Cherished Gowns UK


Voluptuous Vintage Cherished Gowns UK fundraiser 


Cherished Gowns UK will use funds raised to post our baby Bereavement Packs to hospitals and families in the UK, our Packs include angel gowns made from wedding dresses donated in the UK which provide a  fitting outfit for these much loved Angel babies

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