Here we have just a few of the wonderful makes our volunteers have provided.  All angel gowns are provided free of charge from a wedding dress donated in the UK.  The bereavement packs help provide a degree of comfort to parents at this tragic time, as they may dress their baby in beautiful clothes, complete with a hat, nappy, booties and a blanket to wrap them in.

Our sewing volunteers are unpaid and mostly amateur Seamstresses,  we publish our work so parents may find us, to raise awareness of #miscarriage, #stillbirth, angelbabies.   But also so those donations of money, wedding dresses and time see the care and workmanship that goes into our gowns.


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 Cherished Gowns UK

See some of our transformations From Dress to Gown

Volunteer Makes Cherished Gowns UK March 2017

Volunteer Makes Cherished Gowns February 2017

Volunteer Makes Cherished Gowns January 2017

The Best of Cherished Gowns December 2016

The Best of Cherished Gowns November 2016

Donate a wedding Dress in the UK to make Angel Gowns for Angel Babies, Supplied free of charge in Bereavement Packs to Hospitals, Parents and Funeral Directors, Cherished gowns is not associated with Heavenly Gowns

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