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Before we will allocate you a wedding dress to work with you are required to send a Trial Gown in the 'Small Size Gown' (downloaded from the files in the fb group) to Cherished Gowns UK, 2-8 Worthington Street, Dover, Kent CT17 9AD within 4 weeks of applying to join us. This gown can be made from any fabric at all and is to demonstrate that you able to sew a gown to the standard that we require. Cherished Gowns was set up to provide outfits for babies that pass away, their parents only get to dress them once. We need to make sure the gowns we are providing are perfect. The link to the patterns will be sent to you by email so please check your junk incase this goes missing.
If it is of the standard we need you will be allocated a wedding dress that will be posted directly from the donator. If the trial gown is not of the standard we need we will provide you with feedback in a private manner (facebook inbox or email), with details of how it needs to be improved. You are welcome to send as many trial gowns as you like, and we are always happy to work with people to improve their sewing.
It is your responsibility to provide all materials other than a dress to work with (embellishments, ribbons, threads etc), and to cover the cost of posting the items made from the dress to us. All wedding dresses must be completely transformed within 6 months of receiving them, and if a dress is untouched after 3 months it will need to be returned to us, at your own cost.

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