How to package your Dress?

You can package your dress in anyway you wish as long as it is secure! Please avoid using brown paper as this often gets ripped by the machines that the couriers use to process the parcels at the sorting depot. Its worth remembering too that sometimes couriers leave the parcels in a designated 'safe place' and there is the potential that they may be exposed to the elements.

When packaging your dress please make sure it is in good condition, and if your dress has lots of net petticoats this can be removed. You can do this by simply cutting through the top of the netting. This removes alot of the bulk of the dress we are unable to use and often makes it cheaper or easier to post. It isn't necessary to dry clean your dress as we wash everything before any items are made regardless of whether it has been dry cleaned or not. Not only does this ensure that all items are clean but it removes any chemicals that are used in the dry cleaning process. Please note any dresses that have any signs of mould or mildew will be returned to you as we cannot use these because of Health & Safety rules. 

Please make sure that you include your name and your email address when sending your dress so that the Seamstress can send you photos of the completed gowns when she has finished, and to regularly check your junk email folder. It is also worth remembering that our volunteer seamstresses are given 6 months to complete each dress in, so it can be some time between actually sending your dress and receiving the finished photos. If for whatever reason they are unable to complete your dress in the given timescale, it will be returned to our office and re-allocated to another Seamstress to finish and this can sometimes mean it takes longer than the given 6 month timescale. You will be notified if this happens to your dress, and only occurs in a very small number of cases. 


What service should I use?

It is entirely up to you how you send your dress, and we cannot accept responsibility for it until it is safely in our possession. We have very few issues with couriers or Royal Mail but we do recommend you use a signed for service, and preferably insure your dress for a value you are happy with. All couriers offer both of these services. It usually costs less than £10 to send a Wedding Dress and you can compare most of the services available using a parcel comparison site such as or Please make sure you send your dress within 2 weeks of receiving the email with your Seamstress address, as this helps us manage their workload.

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